CaskAid is a non-profit organisation looking to source casks of whisky with the aim to use their bottled contents to raise funds for charitable projects.

Founded by a group of whisky enthusiasts, we are striving to do more than merely collect, taste and enjoy this noble “water of life”. We want to spread our appreciation. We approach independent bottlers, distillers, individuals and organisations alike, all members of the whisky community with the aim to secure unique access to cask products.

Ours is a tireless hunt for hidden gems locked away in remote warehouses. The search is directed towards discovering new spirits which we intend to leave in store until maturity. Equally, we seek older distillations that have already acquired a refined elegance and finish and are ready for bottling.

An initial pleasure in the search, purchase and mutual enjoyment of whisky with kindred spirits has transformed in to a desire to seek a higher purpose. The funds raised by our bottling venture will be donated to worthwhile charities. We hope this altruism encourages distillers and owners of fine cask product to bestow some of their best work on us, safe in the knowledge that this craftsmanship will be put to serving the wider community. In this way, we are establishing an ethos of truly generous spirits!