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CaskAid is a non-profit organisation looking to source casks of whisky with the aim to use their bottled contents to raise funds for charitable projects. Every few years the cask selectors will select a new project to support with the funds raised by the whisky community. This page provides an overview of the current (and past) projects supported by CaskAid.

Eglantier will remain close to our hearts as we supported them between 2018 to 2021 but CaskAid decided to select a different set of charities to support with the funds raised through the sales of our bottles and whisky boxes for 2022. The first one was Runar, a 6 year old boy who suffered from a lack of oxygen during birth resulting in cerebral palsy. When initially diagnosed, his parents were told he would never be able to walk unsupported or to perform dedicated manipulations with his hands. Thankfully, due to a lot of perseverance from him as well as his parents, he is proving this initial prediction wrong. However, the progress he is making requires extensive (and expensive) therapies. To support him on his path to the future, CaskAid donated 9.000€ to make sure he can continue with the robotic-supported therapies. For more information on Runar’s way to recovery you can visit their facebook page. 
Additionally, we also supported the non-profit organizations ‘Zorgmassage’, Hatchiko and Matties Dream in their operations with respectively 4.000, 1.500 and 500€ and we would like to extend our thanks to everyone who enjoyed our whiskies for making this possible.

Between 2018 and 2021 CaskAid decided to support Eglantier, a multifunctional center focused on school-replacing daycare for

  • Young children with a severely delayed mental development
  • Children and youngsters with severe mental disorders and possibly contact or behavioral issues.

In addition to the daycare center Eglantier also opened a ‘care-hotel’ for short term accommodation of the same group of youngsters.

In addition to a limited government sponsored care-package this organization receives for each of the children, they rely heavily on support from the corporate world as well as volunteers to ensure they can provide the best care for these children. By donating part of the profits generated by the sales of our whiskies we would also like to support this project and help them to safeguard the best possible environment for these children to grow in a supportive environment. During these years, CaskAid supported Eglantier for a total of approximately 14.000€. 


The years of 2015-2017 we gladly supported Bone4Kids and we are proud to say that all the bottlings we’ve done in this period, in combination with the gift boxes and tastings allowed us to donate a total of 9.000€ in support this project.



The Bone4Kids Fund was established to round up resources for the research and treatment of non-healing fractures (pseudarthrosis) in children.

Non-healing bone defects in children are the biggest nightmare for orthopaedic surgeons as treating these (very) young children always requires multiple surgical interventions throughout their childhood, including bone transplantations, without any guarantee for success. Amputation is often the only way out.

Research team Prometheus at  KU Leuven University has reached the last stage in the development of a new therapy which will dramatically reduce the number of surgical interventions. Our fund targets to help give this research the final push towards accomplishing its goal.

Supported by the University Fund of the KU Leuven, scientists and parents have combined forces in an effort to raise the much needed funds.

For more information on Bone4Kids, please visit the website

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