Whisky & Chocolate 2016

After last year’s success we are happy to present a new, dare we say improved…, version of our Whisky and Chocolate experience in collaboration with master chocolate-maker Balerdon from Sint-Niklaas. The new edition offers you a taste of 3 exclusive whiskies carefully selected by our cask selector team. Two of these whiskies will also be available as bottlings under our own label while the 3rd one is an exclusive sample, one not to be found on the market elsewhere. The diversity in taste presented by the whiskies will be matched by 3 exquisite hand-crafted pralines. And to complete the experience, we supplied you with the ideal glass to enjoy your occasional dram of whisky.


Bottle 1 (left): “The Old Logie Kirk” (ask your nearest cask selector for the story behind the name should you be interested…). From a number of casks from the same batch, this particular one was selected after careful consideration from our team. A Blended malt (Pure or Vetted malt as they used to call it), a balanced mix Laphroaig (17%), Highland Park (20%) and Speyside malts (63%). The youngest whisky from this mix is 21 years old or as they like to say in Scotland, Patiently Nurtured… Bottled for you at cask strength just under 60%, a real treat for you… And if you like it, don’t worry, there’s more bottles where this one came from…

Bottle 2 (Middle): Glen Moray a lovely Speyside which is in general somewhat undervalued because of their standard official bottlings. This 8 year old single cask however illustrates the full capacity of what they can achieve. Bottled at cask strength, which is even above 60% for this whisky, but perfectly balanced and smooth.

Bottle 3 (Right): “a” Islay Malt. A unique opportunity  seen the hoarding behavior of the famous Islay distilleries. The protection of their own brand is that important that we’re not even allowed to disclose the name of this wonderful 8 year old, 59.2% strong peated whisky although you might try treating your favorite cask selector on a few drams, he might let something slip…

Stylishly expand your whisky knowledge! Find an original Christmas gift! Or just keep it all to yourself… For a price of 25€, this unique taste experience is yours, while at the same time you are also supporting our charity,  Bone4Kids. Available with your closest CaskAid member, info@caskaid.org and soon also in the stores: Angels Share in Leuven, Vinotheca in Everberg, Dranken Jeroen in Betekom and Balerdon chocolatier in Sint-Niklaas.