Whisky & Chocolate 2020

One of the foundations of CaskAid has always been sharing our passion for unique whisky’s with other enthusiasts. Therefore, being present on the local whisky festivals and interacting with the community has always been our preferred way of sharing our new discoveries with the world. Although the new reality and challenges associated with the Covid-19 outbreak the last year has not kept us from making these new discoveries, it has kept us from sharing them with you. To try to make up for this our new edition of the tasting boxes will be focused on our own bottlings to allow you to discover our recent bottlings firsthand  and maybe decide on which of these might be a worthy addition to your own collection. There will be a choice of 2 different sets of whisky’s as well as 2 different types of boxes. In regards to the latter one we have the tasting boxes which contain 3 times 5cl of the 3 different whisky’s for you to extensively enjoy on your own or share within you bubble. Alternatively, there will again be the whisky and chocolate boxes where each whisky (2cl each) is paired with a dedicated artisanal praline and on top of that we added one of our tasting glasses which makes this the ideal gift to introduce your friends and family to the world of whisky (or to just enjoy them yourself…). In relation to the different whisky’s you can choose between the ‘Glen’ or the ‘Cask’ edition (or you can just get them both…). For the Glen version (a Gaelic term for valley) we selected a 21yr old Glentauchers, an 11 year old Glen Moray and a 13yr old Glen Scotia. The Cask edition on the other hand will contain a 14yr old MacDuff, a 13yr old Ballechin and a 12yr old Highland Park. All boxes are available through our webshop.

Tasting box ‘Glen’
Glen Moray 11Y Glen Scotia 13Y Glentauchers 21Y
Single Malt Single Malt Single Malt
Speyside Cambeltown Speyside
58.5% 55.9% 49.3%
1st Fill Bourbon Oloroso Bourbon Barrel
5311/2017 17/413-7 3833
09/09/2009 03/2005 16/07/1997
11/03/2019 01/2019 04/03/2019


Tasting box ‘Cask’
MacDuff 14Y Ballechin 13Y Highland Park 12Y
Single Malt Single Malt Single Malt
Highlands Highlands Islands
55.9% 56.4% 54.7%
Sherry But Ex-Burgundy Cask Amerikan Oak Cask
1834-900022 153 50171248
18/03/2003 10/08/2005 26/11/2007
12/02/2018 11/03/2019 28/05/2020