Whisky Tasting boxes

After 3 successful editions of our whisky – chocolate boxes we decided it was time for something new since, lets face it, it can hardly be called an original present anymore for the 4th year in a row. We will still be offering you a lineup of 3 carefully selected whisky’s but we replaced the 3 different chocolates by 2cl of extra whisky for each of the 3 bottles. As we know that, next to those of you that will try any whisky they can get their hands on, there are those that have a preference for either the peated or the non-peated type of whisky we made 2 different line-ups this year with a “smooth” version containing a MacDuff, Girvan and Bruichladdich and a “peat” edition with a Ledaig, Stoisha and an Inchmoan. Both editions are available for 28€ with which you also support our selected charity, Eglantier (more information on this is to be found elsewhere on this site).

Available with your closest CaskAid member, info@caskaid.org and soon also in the stores: Angels Share in Leuven, Vinotheca in Everberg and Dranken Jeroen in Betekom.

Tasting boxes


Tasting box Smooth
MacDuff 14Y Bruichladdich 8Y Girvan 9Y
Single Malt Single Malt Single Grain
Highlands Islay Lowlands
55.9% 55.9% 50.4%
Sherry butt 1834 Cask 141/2009 Cask 54921/2006
18/03/2003 11/02/2009 23/10/2006
2017 01/11/2017 28/01/2016


Tasting box Peat
Stoisha 4Y Ledaig 10Y Inchmoan 12Y
Single Malt Single Malt Single Malt
Islay Mull Highlands
65.1% 59.3% 46.0%
Hogshead 900031 2nd fill Bourbon HH Refill Bourbon
06/09/2013 21/06/2007 NA
08/05/2018 09/10/2017 NA